Filtered news from Free Thai Organization News Center, November 4, 2016 

1. Bizarreness continues in Thailand! A teahcer in Yala Province made schoolkids wear eyepatches to learn how it feels like the dead King Bhumibol who lost his eye in a car accident.
2. Frenzies of wearing black hurt poor kids! Buriram School seizes students’ colorful winter jackets
3. Mad Prayuth would throw a tantrum if he saw this video clip of farmers show love and reverence to Former PM Yingluck

4. Deep Talk with MP Sunai Julapongsatorn: Rice price crisis: King passed away: Royalists’ leader vanished, Nov 3, 2016, on VOT

mp3 sound clip
WMV video clip
Thai People for Republic Website
5. Interview with Democrat Party member on NCPO’s 2 years of failure by Jom Voice

6. Alliance for Siam Republic condemns NCPO for the absence of Head of State of Thailand, Nov 4, 2016