November 3, 2016

Statement by Alliance for Siam Republic

Subject: We strongly condemn NCPO for the absence of the Head of State

Since King Bhumibol died on October 13, 2016 until now, the country have been put in a state of abstaining from a head of state for a long time. The junta has simply ignored the necessity to officially reveal the truth to the public. Suspicion among Thai people and foreigners grow, affecting less confidence of investors both domestic and foreign. Tourism which is already stagnating now slumps more deeply. The obscurity is so high that the international media has to depend on unofficial sources which in turn cause event more suspicion.
The Alliance for Siam Republic (ASR), hereby strongly condemn the failure of the military government that was backed the former King Bhumibol, for not able to make clear about the new Head of State of Thailand, bring the country out of the crises and bring back security to the nation and the people.

We, the Alliance for Siam Republic, call for the people and our alliances to stay with precaution because the situation from now on is all uncertainty: the uncertainty about the monarchy, economy, safety of life and property, the freedom to express opinions. All these situations are leading to the collapse of the country.

Yours sincerely,
Public Relations Division
Alliance for Siam Republic